Free bird

Free Bird

An immutable project.
100% community-based token. Governance, Protocol & Platform coming soon. 

Available On Uniswap

Free the Bird!


FreeBird is a community token that is aiming to become the representative currency for decentralized, censorship-free social media. FreeBird will build its own Governance, Protocol and Platform that will not only fund the initiatives of FreeBird, but support anyone that is building a project towards decentralization of social media. This is our goal and our mission. 

The FreeBird token comes with ZERO DEV Tax, ZERO Marketing Tax, and with only 2% EQUITY Tax (FREE), which is distributed equally to all token holders, including the black hole (burn) address. This makes tokenomics very attractive through passive income as well as making it a slightly deflationary token by design.

Our token contracts are all renounced, and LP is burned. Everything is immutable, so decentralization is really at its best here. A huge issue within social tokens is rugs and bad actors. In this case, the community is coming together to continue the journey towards freeing the bird – speech by all – freely. Flock together like a free bird in the social arena.

With every transaction taking a small equity tax and distributing equally to the holder, long-term buyers are incentivized heavily. Let’s just say that the bird is fed by all the transactions – sellers and buyers. We welcome them all. The more they buy and sell, regardless of the price, the community will continue to accumulate rewards for passive income. The burned wallet will also accumulate rewards – in other ways take tokens out of circulation – creating a never-ending loop, or a deflationary mechanism. This provides an incredible opportunity for those holding.


Total Supply: ~100 Quadrillion (deflationary) $Freebird

Dev tax
Marketing wallet
FREE is an acronym for Fairly Redistributed Equity every day. Meaning this “fee” goes straight back to token holders. This means passive income, every day. Automatically.


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First flight

Second flight

Third flight

Forever free

Free Bird Governance & Funding Protocol

FreeBird will become a protocol and a platform but it will be 100% owned by the community and the tokenomics will have a mechanism to fund other projects that are fighting for decentralization and free speech. 

Free Bird's Mission / Vision

What Does Free Bird Stand For?

We are aiming to become the premier social ecosystem and currency of the people. FreeBird will fund other decentralized social media projects. Stay tuned for more details on this.

As per our name, we’ve birthed alongside Elon Musk’s decision to purchase Twitter, to protect free speech. Whether he does it not, FreeBird will enable communities towards this dream. We want to provide a decentralized community of people to support the message of free speech across social media platforms.

Given this inspiration, we are also working to build out a censorship-free platform, where communities can socialize without the need to worry about their freedom of speech being stripped from them. A decentralized, peer-to-peer social media platform, with self-governed communities. We feel as though a functional social media platform for those on the decentralized network is necessary. Our platform will not be competing with the new Twitter and will be structured differently. We plan to have our platform be an open-source message board, with an upvote and karma system in place, powered by Defi.

Our mission is to stand by, and practice our ethos; representing both decentralization and free speech. We want our platform to reflect just this.

Our vision is to spread the message, in a rewarding, fun, decentralized way. With this, comes adoption….. Elon’s Dream.


Questions & Answers

Our launch liquidity is 100% burned. This means no unlocking, no possibility of rug. No gimmicks
Contracts are 100% renounced. Total decentralization.

Commonly known as “reflections,” 2% buy/sell FREE. (fairly redistributed equity everyday). Goes straight to token holders, automatically.

100 quadrillion tokens. We are slightly deflationary as well, due to our LP and black hole wallet absorbing reflections, effectively taking off circulation
FREE is an acronym for “Fairly Redistributed Equity Everyday,” which is from the 2% off buy/sells. Goes straight to token holders/LP/burn (black hole) wallet

How To Buy

Join us, become a FreeBird.

1.Create MetaMask Wallet

You can either install this wallet on your desktop, as extension, or on mobile (iOS/Android). It will allow you to buy, sell, and transfer your $FREEBIRD/other cryptos

2. Send ETH To Your Wallet

You can buy Ethereum (ETH) directly on MetaMask, or you can transfer from exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, FTX, etc.)

3. Connect Your Wallet

Connect your wallet to UniSwap by clicking “Connect wallet” and selecting MetaMask.

4. Swap ETH For $Free Bird

You can start swapping now. Click on “Select a token” then enter the token address for $FREEBIRD 


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